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2022-06-23 01:10:11 By : Ms. Kylie W

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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A judge said the tax-payer-funded Serenity Towers is moving in the right direction as they work to improve living conditions.

In Environmental Court Wednesday, attorney Ben Sissman said his client has crews working around the clock to fix the broken A/C units at Serenity Towers.

“We’re making substantial progress,” Sissman said.

As of Wednesday morning, there were 29 air-conditioning units still not working. That number was substantially lower from the nearly 90 units that weren’t working just over a week ago.

However, Judge Patrick Dandridge said he still wants the process to move faster.

The lawyer for Serenity Towers said he is thankful that the judge has given them time to make repairs.

“Well, Judge Dandridge understands that as long as we are making substantial progress especially right now, we can’t get parts. We can’t find people to do the work so he has been very understanding about letting us take the time to get this thing fixed up,” Sissman said.

Any resident who doesn’t have A/C has been offered a portable cooling unit.

A spokesperson for Serenity also told the judge pest control has been doing sweeps of the building to get rid of bedbugs. So far, 14 units have been treated.

Sissman said pest control is also treating the building for mold.

Once all the problems are fixed, the DA’s office will send crews back out to inspect.

“We are doing something a little different in terms of code enforcement inspection, we are allowing the units to be completed and the code enforcement is going to come in and confirm,” Judge Dandridge said.

The judge scheduled another hearing for next Tuesday.

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